Artist Statement

My artistic process begins with painting, where I immerse myself in the interplay of colors and the fluidity of acrylic paints. As I pour paint onto wood, metal, or tile surfaces, I carefully control the movement and direction, allowing the paint to spread and settle while air bubbles create intriguing new shapes. I use techniques like blowing to reveal underlying colors, adding depth to the composition.


Once the paint has settled, I zoom in, seeking out intricate details to photograph. My compositions often draw inspiration from nature, reminiscent of microscopic cell structures, celestial formations like Saturn's rings, or the graceful movements of schools of fish. I focus on organic lines, shapes, color patterns, and the dynamic interplay of light and shadow.


My artwork is a fusion of painting and photography, where I explore the depths of both mediums to convey a central theme of capturing the beauty and complexity of natural forms.

Jessica Held